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Have Some Fun with Colour and Be Fabulous!

Get my simple fun way to colour analyse yourself with 'Colour Yourself Fabulous'. Or how about learning my step-by-step method of colour analysis for each of the tonal & seasonal directions including the 4 Seasons, 6 Tones, 12 Seasons, 12 Tones, Extended seasons and Flow analysis, with 'Colour Analysis Explained'.

Have Some Fun with Colour Analysis

Beauty & Skincare
Welcome to the brand-new Tropic store, your go to for multi award-winning natural beauty and tailored skincare.
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Colour Yourself Fabulous
A simple, fun, low-cost way to colour analyse yourself and your friends so you can look and feel absolutely fabulous on every occasion.
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Colour Analysis Explained
A fun way to learn seasonal colour analysis and tonal colour analysis plus a variety of extra colour analysis techniques.
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High Resolution Colour Fabric Fan Photography

Give your clients an online colour experience

colour your client fabulous online
Give your clients a brand-new online colour experience.
Learn how to find and book clients, take online payments and deliver a fabulous unique online colour experience.

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